Chatbots in Restaurants: Redefining Customer Experience

This applies to chatbots across all industries, but today we’re going to take a closer look at one sector. How are chatbots advancing customer experience in the restaurant sector? Just to start, we remind the reader that restaurant chatbots can assure 24/7 customer service at zero cost, as they work all night and day and without salary. Of course, automation of restaurant booking in the way that restaurant chatbots allows, creates some possibility for abuse.

The food industry can also benefit from customised, on-brand restaurant chatbots in many ways. With an automated chat assistant, restaurants can take online orders, make personalised recommendations, and answer questions to build customer engagement. They can also offer special deals or coupons to get more new patrons in and to boost the loyalty of existing patrons. A restaurant chatbot is a computer program that can make reservations, show the menu to potential customers, and take orders. Restaurants can also use this conversational software to answer frequently asked questions, ask for feedback, and show the delivery status of the client’s order. A chatbot for restaurants can perform these tasks on a website as well as through a messaging platform, such as Facebook Messenger.

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There was no waiting for websites to load or navigating around an unfamiliar site. The main way restaurant chatbots are deployed to allow customers to actually order food is by having them process takeaway orders on restaurant websites and social media channels. This can be advantageous when compared to other approaches because specific requests can be made, and orders can be placed in advance. Restaurant chatbots are an automated service, which allows customers to interact with an artificially intelligent live chat feature at any time of the day. The benefits of this are wide-reaching, including improved efficiency, the ability to upsell, swifter response times, and the capacity to enhance the customer experience.


Menu & PricingUsers can also use the restaurant chatbots to check the availability of the menu items or the price list while placing orders, if they don’t have the menu handy. Making reservationsRestaurant chatbots are majorly used for making the bookings by the users. Users can check the availability on the chatbot and make the reservations a long time back before visiting the restaurant.

Follow Up and Reputation Management

Eleviant Tech symbolizes chatbot restaurant transformation and reinforces our mission to help clients elevate and scale their business. According to Analytics Insights , Chatbots are expected to handle 75-90% of client queries by 2025. And this comes without the need to download anything on customers’ devices. In our case, we have 18 intents that demand 18 different kinds of responses. Ask questions & collect info from visitors with zero friction.

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Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing brings a chatbot to the search box.

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Twitter is a wonderful platform for companies to give vital information to people. Without looking through website pages or hamburger menus, a user may send a direct message using Twitter chatbots. The Twitter chatbot experience is easy and straightforward, and it augments the human experience to meet the demands of your valued customers.

Let chatbots send images of your foods and restaurants

This shows that there is a huge opportunity for chatbot in restaurants when it comes to enhancing customer engagement and thereby opening the doors to a broader hyper connected demographic. Furthermore, chatbots in restaurants need to be perfectly synchronized with the marketing and other customer oriented efforts. Bots can parallel serve as an intelligence-gathering tool which assists a restaurant in understanding their customers. Another crucial way that those in the restaurant industry can benefit from the use of chatbots is for follow-up and reputation management.

  • In a normal scenario when someone reaches your restaurant’s menu from a website or a mobile app.
  • Consequently, it may build a good relationship with that potential customer.
  • Like this, you have complete control over this interaction without being physically present there.
  • In the JavaScript section we get the input from the user, send it to the “” file where we generate response and then receive the output back to display it on the app.
  • This also frees up customer support staff to spend more of their time on more complicated issues.
  • But for restaurant owners, it will become more important than ever to implement this technology.

They are also cost-effective and can chat with multiple people simultaneously. This restaurant uses the chatbot for marketing as well as for answering questions. The business placed many images on the chat window to enhance the customer experience and encourage the visitor to visit or order from the restaurant.

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Go with request to the proper route based on the action provided in the interaction. Start again – to remove the order and start the order process again. The moment you import the template to your dashboard, all the necessary entities are added to your account. For example, the user clicks +Order and the bot knows that Avocado paste was selected thanks to the Postback value assigned to the button. The template with the relevant code can be easily customized to your needs. Your clients may receive notifications and reminders of their reservation, where they will be able to change or cancel.

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